Academic Grading System in Bangladesh

Academic Grading System in Bangladesh for School, College and University. Academic Grading System in Bangladesh for all is finding here. Education Board Results are published GPA Based. You will find here the Grading system in school, Grading system in university, Grading system in North South University and Grading system in East West University. Grading is a standardized measurement of levels in Education. There are total 6 level grading system are 1 to 6 or A to F. Primary School, High School, College of Bangladesh maintaining GPA grading system for preparation of result according to the following calculation:

Academic Grading System

Academic Grading System in Bangladesh

Academic Grading System in Bangladesh for Bangladesh Education Board Results Grading System (GPA) and as well as universities are found below. Grading System of Education Board Results for HSC and SSC in Academic grading of Bangladesh are check in here easily. The Grading system of Bangladesh education board for Secondary School Certificate and Higher School Certificate has given today topics of ours. The Education Board of Bangladesh has given the results via GPA based. GPA based known as Grade Point Average. We have given the Chart the GPA system of HSC and SSC results.

However, Secondary School Certificate and Higher School Certificate results were given as total mark basis. It announced by Division; like as First Division, Second Division and third Division. From 2001 education board announced the system of GPA.

There was a revolutionary change in the result of SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher School Certificate) after introducing of Grading System. It was 2001, when first grading system is introduce in SSC result. The no. of highest grades (A+) was very limited. In that time, only one student got GPA 5.0 (A+) from Comilla board. In 2003, grading system introduced in HSC level.

The revolution after 8 years of existence has created a lot of question regarding it is effectively. As almost all the students get GPA 5 and there is no way to know their achieved marks, it is plain impossible to judge their calibre. Now there is actually no point in working hard for exams. Because you can easily get an A+ by getting 80, so why try for 90 or above?

GPA Result Calculation

Grading system in school

Class interval Letter grade Grade point
80–100 A+ 5
70–79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50–59 B 3
40–49 C 2
33–39 D 1
0–32 F 0

Note: Above grading system may not applicable for all education level. You may also read the National University GPA/Grade System.

Degree evaluation with ″class″ in university (e.g., First Class, Second Class, Third class, Pass)

The bachelor’s and master’s degrees result of the public universities in Bangladesh, e.g., University of Dhaka, Bangladesh National University, Rajshahi University, University of Chittagong, can be classified according to the British undergraduate degree classification system, when it is evaluated with class grade.

Grading system in university

Class interval Letter grade Grade point
80-100 A+ 4.00
75-79 A 3.75
70-74 A- 3.50
65-69 B+ 3.25
60-64 B 3.00
55-59 B- 2.75
50-54 C+ 2.50
45-49 C 2.25
40-44 D 2.00
0-39 F 0.00

Grading system in North South University

Class interval Letter grade Grade point
93-100 A 4.00
90-92 A- 3.70
87-89 B+ 3.30
83-86 B Good 3.00
80-82 B- 2.70
77-79 B+ 2.30
73-76 C Average 2.00
70-72 C- 1.70
67-69 D+ 1.30
60-66 D Poor 1.00
00-59 F 0.00

Grading system in East West University

Class interval Letter grade Grade point
97-100 A+ 4.00
90 – below 97 A 4.00
87 – below 90 A- 3.70
83 – below 87 B+ 3.30
80 – below 83 B 3.00
77 – below 80 B- 2.70
73 – below 77 C+ 2.30
70 – below 73 C 2.00
67 – below 70 C- 1.70
63 – below 67 D+ 1.30
60 – below 63 D 1.00
below 60 F 0.00

UGC grading system that University Grants Commission (UGC) approved for Universities in Bangladesh.

Numerical Grading system Letter grading System Letter Grade Grade Point
80% and above Marks A+ A Plus 4.0
75 % to 79% Marks A A Regular 3.75
70% to 74% Marks A- A Minus 3.5
65 % to 69% Marks B+ B Plus 3.25
60% to 64% Marks B B Regular 3.0
55% to 59% Marks B- B Minus 2.75
50% to 54% Marks C+ C Plus 2.5
45% to 49% Marks C C Regular 2.25
40% to 44% Marks D 2.0
Less than 40% Marks F 00

Universities in Bangladesh can use ‘I’ grade in case of incomplete grade and ‘W’ for withdrawn courses.

Historian George W Pierson of Yale University writes ” According to Tradition” the first grades issued at Yale University in 1985. Most of the country using their own grading system (GPA) in School, College and University. And grading points also different i.e 1 to 7.

Grading Points are always represented with whole numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 are the only possible grades. Because these grading points do not represent percentages, but instead correspon with specific rubric requirements, one could theoretically answer 90% of questions on a given examination correctly, but still get a GPA 5 if the 10% they missed represented crucial problems that corresponded to the 6 and 7 grade mark-bands. Additionally, each subject has slightly different ranges that correspond with different grading boundaries.

We hope that this post will be more benefited for all students to get Academic Grading System in Bangladesh.

Academic Grading System in Bangladesh

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