New Voter ID Registration Process (National ID Card)

New Voter ID Registration Process (National ID Card). National ID Card Registration Form Online. New Voter ID Registration Process Online given Election Commission. Bangladesh Election Commission has given the real chance to apply for new voter id or national id card in Bangladesh. Check below details of New NID Registration Process.

New NID Registration Process

How to Apply For New Voter or National ID Card?

New Voter ID Registration Process. It’s simple and easy to apply for New Voter ID Card or National Identity card. An ongoing process of updating the voter list. Who is a citizen of Bangladesh, usually lives in the area, but still did not register as voters and if your age is 18 years earlier to 1st January 2015 or the corresponding Upazila / Thana Election contact the office in accordance with the schedule in your area by full filling out Form II Chill Roll. Some necessary documents to need for apply of New voter. those are:-

  • SSC Certificate – (Age proof certificate)
  • Date of Registration – (Age proof certificate)
  • Passport / Driving License / TIN – (Age proof certificate)
  • Utility bill copy / house rent receipt / holding Tax Receipt – (usually lives in the area of any such evidence)
  • citizenship certificate (if applicable)
  • father, mother, husband / wife Id copy cards (if applicable)

Apply for New Voter ID Card/Voter/National ID Card

New registration for Voter ID/National ID card !!

1) welcome you to the new voter registration process.

  1. A) Introduction:
  • Voter Registration form online through the process can correctly.
  • If you are already voters do not need to re-apply. Punishable offense if the person registered to re-apply.
  • The new age of more than 18 expatriate or excluded Voters can register through this process
  • Click here for details.
  1. Steps:
  • Please fill in all the information, step by step
  • All information without your full name, please fill in Bengali Unicode
  • After the completion of all the steps again to all of the information to be verified by Preview
  • Creates PDF files to print it with the required documents and submit to the closest office
  • You verify the information and address verification to ensure that the information is correct, your card will be
  • Collect cards with the card receipts
  1. Required Information’s:
  • Thus the appearance of the form (PDF). Keep up with all the information on the form before meeting
  • With a copy of the form and submit the required documents.

New Voter ID Registration Process (National ID Card)

Details Information are given as Bangla Language at National Identity Card Website. If you don’t understand English please read carefully before going to apply for New Voter ID Card. If you are looking National ID Card Correction Process and National ID Card Verify system both are avaialbe here. So, New Voter ID Registration Process (National ID Card).

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