Sangsad Bangladesh Television Live Class Routine

Sangsad Bangladesh Television Live Class Routine  by Bangladesh Sangsad Live TV for Online Class Routine 2020 for Students across the country. This is the first time going Bangladesh Government Organized Student Class by using BD Sangsad TV in our Country. Its really important during the class suspension or class off for any un-predicted problem in the country or world.

Sangsad Bangladesh TV : Live Class Routine for 6 to 10 Classes

Sangsad Bangladesh Television Live Class Routine

Today worldwide big problem rising for all people. The Pandemic Problem is the “Corona Virus“. Many people already died for this pandemic in the world. Specially, top level country in the world. That’s why Bangladesh Govt taken big initiative for all people; specially students. Govt going shut down all educational institution, but govt look into the Student future, that’s why give instructions for all to take online class. In that reason educational ministry also going to take few class and give class lecture by using the “Sangsad TV” Live in Bangladesh.

All the Bangladeshi Secondary level students in touch with academic schedule running with minimum activities. The academic classes will take on SANGSAD TV Broadcasting from Dhaka City.  There are total of 35 recorded lectures will be broadcast every day for different classes. The authority and as well as organizer are expecting more than one crore students to watch those lecture lessons from their home. Because, we are committed to Stay at Home and Stay Safe.

Live Sangsad Tv Class Routine for the Class 6, 7, 8,9  and 10.

The management announce that the program name is “Amar Ghore Amar School“. The DSHE authority has provided the Amar Ghore Amar School Routine 2020 for the Pandemic Corona Virus  on 29th March, 30th, 31st of March and 1st April with 2nd of April so far. Herewith we discuss about all Sangsad Bangladesh Television Live Class Routine.

Date-Wise Live Class Routine

When will be Class Started?

Many of parents asking to when will going to start the class on Live Session. Though, the lecture class will start at 9:00 am and end at 12:00 am on schedule date. But everyday before starting the class everyone should be participate in the National Anthem as well as watching the Corona Virus Protection Awareness Videos. If anyone missed the class, don’t worry, every classes will be repeated or highlights from 2PM to 5PM. So, everyone has opportunity to watching the classes two times. In that way every students could be practice as well as memorize all lectures easily.

Sangsad TV Live Online Class New Routine PDF

Amr Ghor Amr School

Download Sangsad TV Live Class Routine PDF

Ghore Bose Shiki / Ghore Bose Sikhi

Directorate of Primary Education (Primary School) Class One to Class Five Class Routine for the Corona Virus Pandemic in the World. The Ghore Bose Sikhi Live Class at Sangsad TV. Every class students of class 01, Class 02, Class 03, Class 04 and Class 05 going to live class lecture at Bangladesh Sangsad  Television. However, all general public not happy at all for this participation.

BTV TV Class Routine 2020

DSHE Director already said that; all lecture classes has been recorded perfectly. We can telecast those videos on right time, according to the schedule of classes on Sangsad BTV or Sangsad TV.

What are the problems of Sangsad TV Live Class?

When news published in different media. Many students as well as parents worried, how to watch the class on tv. Many of them had not any TV in their home. Students more likely to missed the sangsad live class lessons.But concern people already said that if anyone has no tv, they will going to arrange the tv for them.

Ξ BTV Live Telecast Online Class Ξ

Live TV Class Routine dshe gov bd

All concern people are worried, because within short time they can not manage the TVs for watching the class. On the other hand many students do not understand and realized about this class. However, we suggest that gardians have to care home study during class time and other time as well. If parents will be serious, boys and girls must be give the concentrate on their study. Remember that, must give the instruction and pay attention during the class time.

Hopefully, you have got your class routine from this writing of Sangsad TV Live Class Routine. So it’s your time to enjoy all the class lessons on the TV screen.

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